The Le Monde Souterrain underground museum invites you to make a fascinating discovery where time has stood still!

In a life-size and fully reconstructed setting, visitors explore the depths of the earth: waterfalls, an underground river, frescoes and prehistoric traces reveal a fascinating world with multiple aspects, the conquest of which began at the dawn of humanity.

At the end of the tour, you’ll end up completely enthralled by the 400 cave crystallizations Norbert Casteret collected during 50 years of exploration! 

As a result of measures implemented to protect the caves, the Norbert Casteret collection remains the only one on display to the public.

The Le Monde Souterrain underground museum is a tribute to caving pioneer Norbert Casteret, forming both a synthesis of the cave and the discovery of unexpected riches. Throughout the tour speleologists explain the recent explorations, enabling you to better understand the mysteries of the Fontaine de Vaucluse, the first vertical open-air spring in Europe!