The "Le Monde Souterrain" opens its doors to you for a timeless experience!

The life-size decor, fully reconstructed over 200 m2, will instantly put you in the mood. In the half-light, you will walk in the depths of the earth: caves, waterfall, underground river... 

In the 1960s, the speleologist Yves Dumont died leaving his grandson a map showing the location of an underground bunker containing a priceless collection of crystals.

After decades of searching, the entrance to the cave leading to the bunker has finally been discovered!

You are an epic of experienced cavers. Camille Dumont has contacted you because he cannot lead the expedition alone in the meandering underground galleries of Fontaine de Vaucluse.

As soon as you get together, a weather warning announces a sudden rise in the waters of the Sorgue. There's no turning back, you have to rush into the cave with Camille... You have 60 minutes to reach the bunker before the waters swallow you up!